July 2nd, 2010

Type, Computer

Opera 10.60 is out. Even faster.

Although I wonder why people compete to make ever faster browsers when computers themselves become faster and faster. Even "netbooks" are ridiculously fast now, unless you have one of the early ones. Or run the operating system from a USB key. But if you do that, Opera 10.60 is also available for Linux, so enjoy the plazing speed.
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HTC, Mobile

And faster.

For those who have been spared from FaceBook, I'll reiterate that my HTC Hero phone updated itself yesterday from Android 1.5 to 2.1, with the corresponding new Sense shell. It is prettier than before, runs some more programs (including Kindle, about which I am ambivalent to say the least) but most amazing of all: It seems to actuallybe FASTER. What is the world coming to? First browsers, now operating systems? Even Microsoft Windows 7 is faster than its two predecessors. What happened to forcing customers to buy new hardware while the old was still in its prime? What happened to filling our landfills with perfectly working electronics? Has the industry been infiltrated by angels?
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