April 5th, 2010

HTC, Mobile


In my dream, pretty much everyone used smartphones, and used them for a lot of things: Texting and mailing (which had merged completely), chatting, reading news, paying for stuff, playing and probably other things I did not get to see during the dream. All of this took place in one integrated environment, The Game. Whenever you switched on your phone, you logged into The Game. Everyone could see anyone else logging in, so if you stayed for more than a few seconds you would get chat messages from friends or acquaintances who happened to be logged on, or spammers and scammers. Or you might be challenged in The Game.

The Game was vaguely similar to Gaia Online in that you got virtual gold just for doing everyday things, but you could get more stuff and advance your character by playing various minigames. However, if someone challenged you in The Game and won, they would take some of your gold. It was not possible to decline a challenge, so if you stayed online long enough for the challenge to expire, it would be resolved automatically. Robbers would build up their character and challenge everyone they did not know and respect, so the only way to be reasonably safe was to have a high-level character yourself, otherwise you had to log off whenever you were challenged, or lose your gold. If you lost enough gold you would have to pay real money, although the price was so low that it was more an irritation than an economic loss.

For that reason, mature adults like me tended to just be online briefly, do whatever we came for, and log off again. Teens on the other hand tended to be online all the time and enjoy playing The Game.