March 9th, 2010

WTF, What

Ta'veren upgrade

Evidently my disturbance of surrounding reality has been incresed lately, although I am not sure why. In the past I have known that I was a main character because if I came even a few seconds late to the bus, it would be on time, whereas if I was early the bus would be late. But that has now changed. Friday I was 2 minutes early, and the bus still drove right before my nose. I was only a few steps from the main road when it whizzed past. So Monday I was 3 minutes early. The bus still drove right before my nose. So today I was 6 minutes early. The bus still drove right before my nose. Seriously, I must be starting to impact the quality of life for everyone along the route by now.

Of course, it does no wonder for my work performance either, since buses go once an hour out here in the countryside. But at least I have the consolation that I know I am Special. Although I have far to go to become the kind of weirdness magnet that missysedai is. Let's hope it never gets that far.
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Sims 3 graphics are hot. Literally, I mean.

I checked the quad-core's temperatures with this handy little program, HWMonitor.exe. It may well be somewhere in the OS too for all I know. Anyway, I checked because a) I have recently installed a new power supply and that implies the old one may have been overloaded, b) there is a distinct smell of overheated dust in the room.

The power supply and the cores all were in the 55-60 C range, (130 F and upward), but the GeForce 8600 GT was running at a hefty 94 degrees Celsius, (201 Fahrenheit), just slightly below the boiling point of water. Now, this is a quiet chip and so presumably made to live with some heat, but still. This is egg-frying temperatures. After I paused The Sims 3, the video card is cooling down in a slow, dignified manner, but still. 200F? I have to say that made me look twice.

EDIT: 110 C now! (229 F.) Whee! Feel the burn!