February 13th, 2010


Ah, the joy of living in a simple world

!Women often say no to men. Men have had to conquer foreign lands, win battles and wars, compose symphonies, author books, write sonnets, paint cathedral ceilings, make scientific discoveries, play in rock bands, and write new computer software in order to impress women so that they will agree to have sex with them. Men have built (and destroyed) civilization in order to impress women, so that they might say yes."
-Alan S. Miller, Satoshi Kanazawa in Psychology Today.

There is no difference between a peacock's tail and Mozart's symphonies in these people's little world. Well, I guess by the same logic, the sole purpose of their own writing is to impress the chicks. Whether it is true or not is of absolutely no interest as long as it leads to healthy babies. Right?