December 24th, 2009


Lamppost today?

I ran through the city and was only 20 seconds late for the bus. The bus however was on time, for a change. The next bus is 18 minutes late and counting. It's like a small reverse miracle, eh?

Thus is fulfilled the old saying: Sometimes you're the dog, sometimes the lamppost.

Happy holidays!
Type, Computer


I got home with the last bus before the weekend (13.10), yay. Supermarket closed but I have noodles. Anyway, the point is that I'm writing this from home.

The old laptop with Ubuntu had finished copying from the WD MyBook to the LaCie 2TB. So it took 38 hours instead of 39, that's USB 1 for you. At least it worked. Not so with Vista when I moved the LaCie to that machine. It correctly found the 32GB FAT partitition, and promptly ignored the rest of the drive which has NTFS, formatted on another Vista machine (at the office). Notice that the Ubuntu machine at the office recognized the NTFS partition on sight, the Ubuntu machine at home likewise. Only Vista failed to recognize the NTFS partition.

Yes, I have heard the rumors that MS intentionally made Vista so bad that their next OS, released shortly after, would look amazing in comparison. I still have a hard time believing that, but the evidence is mounting, or in this case, NOT mounting the hard drive.

All is well that ends well, though. I right-clicked My Computer, chose Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management, and LaCie from the list. It showed up as Disk 5 with the largest partition greyed out. I right-clicked on it and chose Change Drive letter, then added the next free letter in the alphabet. The disk is now up and running.

As compared to Ubuntu quietly putting both of the drives on the desktop and in the Places menu. If my grandmother had seen me, she would surely have mistaken which operating system was the free one. Hopefully she doesn't see me, though, given that she's been dead for two generations. Your grandmother may vary, in which case you should take some time to ponder which OS to get her.