December 22nd, 2009

Type, Computer

Underestimating Linux, are we?

Formatted the LaCie with one 32GB FAT partition and the rest of the 2TB as NTFS, as per the recommendation of the manufacturer for users that have both Windows and Linux. The theory is that Linux can't read NTFS, so will be confined to the older file system for exchanging data with Windows.

My Ubuntu 9.10 installation certainly reads and writes NTFS quite well, though, and it does so on the USB hard disk as well. I just dragged a 10.4GB folder onto the NTFS partition. I suspect this is true of all full-featured releases these days, but possibly not very tight distributions for netbooks. I should probably test this out, since a tiny netbook is just the thing you want to hook up to a library-sized hard drive, right?