December 21st, 2009


On the chilly side

After getting close to the melting point of snow for a short while during the weekend, the quicksilver is back to -7 C (below 20 F) when the workweek begins. No wonder fewer and fewer Norwegians bother to go to work, as the news claim today. The jobless are not looking for work and half of them hope to never return to the workforce. From before we know that the sick don't want to get better, at least until they have their disability pension. I can certainly understand them. After all, who would want to go outside? Outside is ouchie in the face!

For the future...

I am seriously, literally going to tape warranty / proof of purchase on my external disk drives.

The first 1TB WD drive died this week. I had initially used it to back up all computers in the house. Then when one of the computers actually crashed, I used the WD for about 1 week before it died. But of course the whole even was so long after I originally bought it, I had somehow lost the receipt. (I do have the receipts for the WD Passport and WD MyBook, which is probably why they continue to run fine with daily use.

In short: An external hard disk will die when its warranty either expires or is lost, regardless of the amount of actual use.

(It may also die, even if under warranty, if it is the sole repository of some important file. In that case the disk will be replaced but the file will be lost forever.)