December 20th, 2009


Do people eat this irl?

Tonight I dreamed that I ate something I have never heard of before, and the name of which I don't remember upon waking. I do remember how I made it, but that does not help as much as it should as I bought it almost finished. I just dissolved the flavor (of which I have tasted at least two) in a little boiling water and then added the pre-made Product. At this point, Product looked similar to a small, flat, grayish doughnut, in that it was visibly thinner in the middle than the edges. While cooking it expanded somewhat and changed to a more appetizing color, while absorbing the meat flavor from the boiling water. On waking up I believe it was some kind of dumpling, but I have never eaten dumplings so it is hard to say. I am not sure dumplings exist in Norway. Then again neither did ramen when I was young. If it is cheap and unhealthy, there should be a market for it.
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