December 3rd, 2009


First Snow

I live in Norway. You would think that people here would be prepared for snow in December, or at least react rationally to it, having seen it hundreds of times before in their life. You would in other words believe people to not be stupid, or at least people with a driver's permit. No such luck. Each year on First Snow, the roads are blocked by cars on worn-down summer tyres, half in and half out of the road if lucky, wrecked and scattered in the middle of the road if unlucky.

I am currently thawing out at home after waiting for the bus for 40 minutes. Not only did the bus not show up, but there was no bus passing in the other direction either. Since the buses that go to the city are the same that came from the city (ours is a closed circuit), that means there won't be any buses for a while either. That is actually what I expected, but out of common courtesy I had to show up.

Usually the traffic unclogs somewhat over the course of the day, so I may make a new attempt in a while.

Finally at work

3 hours late, but the buses run on time again and I got to the city. There seems to have been a traffic accident combined with a prolonged rush hour.
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