November 30th, 2009

At work, Self portrait

Shooting a dead horse

The whole "climate policy" debate thing is like a farce to me. NOW this is all the rage, when it is too late. Pretty soon we will all be carbon neutral, because there won't be enough affordable carbon left to burn. I'd say 2020, but perhaps it will be 2030. In any case, this debate should have been 30 years ago to have any meaning.

My native Norway has promised to be carbon neutral by 2050. Now, leaving aside that the current crop of politicians will be retired by then, some even dead from old age, there is the small fact that it is after peak oil, peak gas and peak coal. Unless we cut down our forests and burn them faster than they can grow back, we'll not have much choice about being carbon neutral then.

Why do people believe that tomorrow will be just like today, when we set the house on fire today?