November 18th, 2009


Dreaming of the afterlife

I slept for about 8 hours, which is very long for me. As usual in those cases, at the end I had a very long and very strange dream. This time I got to see the parts of Hell and Heaven where new arrivals first came. Well, they were not really Hell and Heaven, just temporary lodgings I think, for those going that way. After much confusion that I don't remember clearly, I ended up on the good side. There were not many angels around, I was shown to my room by another recent arrival, and did the same for a woman who came a bit later. The rooms were along a corridor that just grew on itself while no one was looking, so that there were always free rooms at the end of the corridor when someone new came. The woman whom I helped spoke only Norwegian so I had to find a place where there were already other Norwegians. Luckily I had noticed a cluster of them when I passed. Each of us got a spacious room and there were common rooms where people gathered, and also you could go outdoors. It was all rather ordinary. What made one of the places hellish and the other heavenly was the people who got sent to one or the other. You could tell you were heaven-side because people were going out of the way to help each other.