November 10th, 2009


Cold or flu?

So yesterday I had a bad head and throat cold, of the kind I have a couple times a year. This was not surprising, since my fellow bus passengers the past week were coughing and sneezing like they were alone on a secret island. Whatever they had, I was likely to get. And if not them, then the person coughing beside me on the software course earlier in the week. Although that may be a bit too early again.

So is this a normal cold or the Killer Flu of Doom? I honestly don't know. My temperature has hovered just below 38 C since yesterday afternoon, but at this time of the morning it is usually closer to 36. And it is probably not a good sign that I was shaking so badly I had trouble shaving. If this is the flu, this is when I should start eating Tamiflu. But of course, to get that I would have to take the bus to the city, infecting a random number of other people on my way.

But I am definitely not going to the second part of that course today.

Getting better

I seem to be getting slightly better instead of worse from the current virus infection. So I'll assume it is just a bad cold. After the course I failed to go on today I have unbroken vacation out the month, so it should be easy to stay home for some days so as to not bring it on to others and give them the same scare.
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