November 5th, 2009


Lease signed

I am sitting in the living room in my new rented house. It is heated by a wood burner, but that is not quite enough for the living room and kitchen combined. (There is a door frame but no door between them.) Heat pump will be installed during the next two weeks. As will fiberoptic cable, the other modern necessity.

The house is small and old-fashioned, but brought up to near modern standard. The location is great, but I can't see that on a dark and rainy Norwegian November night.

The neighbourhood has zero crime until now, and the landlord is also living nearby. He is friendly and very helpful (he was the one who came to with the idea of the heat pump here first). He is also OK with my employer. Actually he sounded outright enthusiastic about them, which is rare since we are working for the government exclusively. (In fact, I am still officially state-employed.)

Anyway, that's the news today.