November 3rd, 2009



The first dream, which came just as soon as I fell asleep, was a scary dream set in City of Heroes. It is a tendency that my first dreams come just as soon as I fall asleep and are scary. This one was basically re-enacting a scene I had experienced with my new lowbie character, a reimagination of Itland the were-porcupine with the new graphics of I16. (I was never quite happy with his spines being bones. Now that they are metallic spikes, that comes much closer to the original concept. Also replaced Regeneration with Willpower, which was not available when I first made him.) When recently starting, I picked Fast Healing before Mind over Body, so a viable tactic was to run away if I took too much damage, and return later to finish off the enemies, who heal much more slowly. However, that feeling while running away was the one that haunted me in my dream.

The second dream was also unpleasant, despite being several hours later. Part of the problem was that it just dragged on and on. It started innocently enough in that a company was letting random people borrow various costumes for Halloween, seemingly as a public relations stunt. I took advantage of this to change into one of their not particularly creepy costumes. However, when I returned to change back, the rooms were gone. This was just the beginning of the trouble. As I wandered about the city, entire houses had disappeared or changed into other houses. The whole place was in a state of flux, landmarks coming and going, as if it was constantly being recreated while I watched. And it went on for a long time, I am pretty sure it was an hour, because I woke up and saw the clock but was pulled back into the dream. For some of the duration I was aware that I was dreaming, or at least that it was nto quite real, but I could not stop it. I was reminded of the description of the Sprit World in the Laws of Eternity, as well as some Orthodox Christian thinker I saw quoted who believed that when you are dead, you don't really know it - you continue to create the world around you based on what you believe to be real. (Ryuoho Okawa says much the same thing.) That was an unpleasant thought. And yet it took an inordinate concentration to climb back into the material world.
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Got house

Well, renting only, but for 5 years at the outset. It is small, with many small rooms. But I get it all for myself, with nearest neighbor more than a stone throw away (the preferred unit of measure in Norway when referring to neighbors). It lies in a small farming village where the most exciting thing is a gas station. The village is named Møll, which in modern Norwegian means "Moth". Oh, and the landlord pointed to a nearby phone pole: Fiberoptic cable was hanging there, he claimed. This may certainly be of interest, although I must say I have been well served by ordinary ADSL.

I will be renting it from this past Sunday, but I expect to pack fairly leisurely since I have already paid here for this month and may stay another. We did discuss getting a heat pump installed, and in that case it would make sense to try to get this done before I move in.

Also, I will be broke for a while. That is certainly a change.