October 19th, 2009


Do you people have "joy attacks"?

I call them "joy attacks" because previously I was familiar with "panic attacks". This is kind of the opposite. So at seemingly random intervals, for no obvious reason, I am filled with ecstatic joy, or "bliss" as some people call it. There may be some minor trigger for it, or it just happens while I'm going about my life. It feels overwhelmingly good and awesome to just exist. It's like some joyous energy is coursing through my soul and some of it is spilling out into my body. My current icon captures the feeling pretty well, I think. Except in my case it happens spontaneously, not because something overwhelmingly pleasurable is happening to me at the moment or near future.

So... is this something that happens to all (or most) people but they are ashamed to admit it? Or only some people? I ask because I just recently saw something very similar mentioned for the first time in my life, in a book by Ryuho Okawa. He claims that this starts happening to people after they have started loving knowledge for its own sake, not just as a tool to earn money or fame etc. This is indeed the case for me, and presumably for him, but I'd like more data point. That's where you come in.

Knowledge and random joy

I get "joy attacks" and I LOVE knowledge!
I get "joy attacks" but knowledge is just a tool
I LOVE knowledge but have no "joy attacks"
Knowledge is just a tool and I don't have "joy attacks"