October 12th, 2009


I still have relatives

Although there is now one less of them, as my aunt has passed on. She was quite old though, my mother's older sister. And my mother was far from young when I was born, and I'm past the midlife "crisis" myself. So yeah, this is how the mortal world works. Not much to do about that. This aunt however was the one I lived with when I went to high school, her and her family, from I was 15 to 18. I was a disgusting little creep at the time, however, so I have generally been ashamed when I thought back to that time, and consequently have not thought back a whole lot.

My brother had a lot else to talk about as well. He should be the one writing a blog, I told him, but of course he probably doesn't have time to both live his life and blog it. Also, he probably did not remember that I no longer can speak more than a very few hundred words a day. I actually wore out my throat again during that conversation, even though he had more to say than I. Oh well. I believe we would have been friends if we lived close, even though we were enemies when we were children. Well, I was enemy. I don't think he could believe how much I hated him. Those were the days. But we have both changed since then. I stopped hating and he stopped being hateable. People really can change, although they usually do that fairly early if at all.