October 9th, 2009

WTF, What

WTH, Nobel Committee

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize (Reuters) 

You ALREADY kicked Bush when he was down. When you now keep kicking at the same spot AFTER HE IS GONE, you look like total idiots.
There are people out there who actually deserve a peace prize, you know.  In China, in Iran, in Zimbabwe to take the top  of the list.  People who could need the fame to avoid just disappearing one night.  People who could need the money to do something for their homeland.

And you know what?  You've never given the Peace Prize to a white man before he had done anything more than hope. This must be embarrassing most of all for Obama's friends. Well, most of all for the committee, but they are evidently too dumb to see it.

Not Being Bush really doesn't qualify for an award of this level. There are about 7 billion people who are Not Bush.

Finally, in the case that Obama actually does anything concrete to promote peace, it will not be possible to give him the Peace Prize, since he already got it for just holding a couple pretty speeches.
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