October 7th, 2009

Type, Computer


Today I was playing Sims 2 on the remaining desktop computer in my home office. It wasn't quite stable yesterday, so I had experimented with moving to different sockets. But eventually it turned itself off again, and the lights flickered. But then the lights continued flickering. They kept flickering more and more and then all the lights went out in the home office, the bedroom, the stairs and outside. (These are all on the same course.) I checked the fuses but could not see anything wrong with them. There were no spares though so I should get that anyway and try again, turning on one item at a time, just in case there is some innocent-looking item that causes it. But by now I lean toward rodents or some such having gnawed at the isolation. (The wall is against the shed.) If so, an electrician will probably have to inspect the cables and possibly replace them. Given that I have to be out of here in less than two months, chances are it will be part of the general fixing-up after I am out but before it is sold.

I have started heating the living room for now. Unfortunately the bedroom is also without power, so my alarm clock radio won't work. Too bad! Hopefully my mobile phone alone will manage to wake me up for the next few weeks.