October 6th, 2009

Type, Computer

Electricity problems

Starting last night, my main computer started making frizzing sounds. I turned it off before going to bed. Today the sounds were gone, but this afternoon it started rebooting, eventually every few seconds. I suspected the kitchen ventilator, which also has made frrzzzt sounds lately when off. Whether this was what started the whole thing or not, the computer kept rebooting even after I had removed all power to the ventilator (and stove). I moved it to the living room, and the reboots stopped. It is now rock stable there.

I connected the cheap HP 3-core to the mouse and widescreen monitor. After a little while it suddenly turned off. I started it again, and after a while the lights began to flicker, then it turned itself off. I am currently using the old monitor, having unplugged the widescreen completely. So far, so good. Unlikely as it may seem, the widescreen monitor is now the main suspect.

It bears mention that I have used it since summer and had no problems until yesterday. Perhaps the spikes from the ventilator set off the craziness in the monitor. Or perhaps the other way around.
Type, Computer

More electric confusion

Am now writing from the living room, using the same PC (the quad-core) and the same HP Widescreen. No flickering of any kind, no reboots. It purrs happily. Unfortunately my living room is quite cold at this time of the year and some months onward. Well, not many months now that I have to move anyway. Who knows how it will work in a new place.
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