September 17th, 2009

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Socialist coalition continues in Norway

The general election here in Norway earlier this week was extremely close. In the end, the "Red-Green" coalition won despite slightly more votes to the opposition. Due to the complex election rules, votes have different power depending on the location of the voter. In addition, there are limits to how small a party can be nationally and still be elected from a province where it is popular. In the end, only a few thousand votes ensured the continued rule of the center-left coalition and its popular, charismatic and intelligent prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg. For Mr Stoltenberg, a devoted Europhile and educated economist, it must be ironic to continue to rule on the mercy of the rabidly anti-European and protectionist Center Party, which organizes the country's entrenched farming interests.

The coalition promises to continue its work to bring high-speed broadband to all Norwegians and promote open-source software.