September 9th, 2009

Type, Computer

Back in Xubuntu

I lost my Xubuntu Linux installation on the Big Ugly Laptop some time ago.  Even Linux cannot live forever, it seems. I suppose that is why we have backups.  Except I didn't.  I mean, it is Linux, so nothing can go wrong, OK?
This time, I installed a new driver, so I no longer need to run a script each morning to make the wireless broadband modem work. So it is now actually faster and easier than Windows Vista in this regard too.  And I love having multiple workspaces again. Seriously, why doesn't Windows have this built in after all those years?  It makes no sense to have browser, word processing and music jostling for space in the same window. Or at least not for all people.  Seriously, why stuff so many features into Windows and forget something as basic as workspaces?
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