August 31st, 2009


To search for a new home

Physically this time. I just got notice that the house I rent will be sold, and I have to be out by December 1. Hopefully I will have less problems than last time, when my supposed new landlord panicked three days before I was to make the final move and I had to rely on the contacts of my coworkers to find a new place. That worked out amazingly well, but I would rather prefer to have some more time! Also, seeing how the panic last time came from me having WAY too much stuff, I intend to get rid of even some of the things I did not throw away last time. Things I have not unpacked since last I moved, perhaps?

Ideally I'd want something even further from the city where I work, but still with a commute bus or train within walking distance (a couple kilometers) from home. The commute is when I get much of my reading done, and of course checking mail, facebook etc. And not least, you generally get more for the same money once you get out in the countryside. Of course, I may not be able to find the perfect place right away. Or at all. But the hunt is on!
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