August 26th, 2009


Are good grades sexy?

I recently read a supposedly non-fiction book by Ryuho Okawa, where he casually mentioned that boys who excelled in sports or school studies were naturally popular with the opposite sex. Reading this, I remember seeing the same in manga and anime, but then again these are fiction. In American culture, however, it looks as if only sports have this effect; boys who do strikingly well in school seem to be no more popular than the mediocre. Or at lest they seem to think so themselves. This is much the same as I see here in Norway.
What say the locals?
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More books!

In the mail today: "Guideposts to Happiness" and "The Laws of Happiness", both by Ryuho Okawa. Perhaps now I will find out why I am so much happier than I deserve, and how long it will last.

Or perhaps not. But at least I have books.