July 28th, 2009


I live! I hunger! iPhone?

Yes, I woke up this morning again, yay! Waking up is hard to do, but it beats never doing it. So up we go, meditate and rush to work. Where we learn that the prices for iPhone and associated subscription plans have been released, and they are affordable (by Norwegian standards, of course). There is even an affordable subscription plan centered on data traffic. That makes sense - who uses a mobile phone to TALK with, after all? They are for surfing and sending sarcastic messages to Twitter.

There are almost certainly better alternatives, but they don't have hallelujah evangelists in the mainstream and business press, and I don't want to spend precious days of my life trying to hunt them down. Money, on the other hand, there is always too much of: For society frowns on idleness, and picking fights with society is too much trouble even though society is an idiot. A composite idiot, but even so.

So most likely my always-online always-at-hand datapad of the near future will be an iPhone, despite the shoddy quality and arbitrary restrictions. Sad, isn't it? I may have to grow a beard though to keep my masculinity rating unchanged. (Beer tastes terrible and my religion forbids whistling after the girls.)
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"Chaos and Blood"

I found a diskette from the happy years when the Acid Reflux comic and its community were still thriving, and when I was evidently quite enthusiastic about the various roleplays, forum debates and even IRC we had. In one case, someone refers to "Your friends in California [...], the twins Chaos and Blood". I guess imagination took off a little at the end there, but it wasn't hard to recognize even after all these years.
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