July 17th, 2009


"Twenty dollars per gallon"

Twenty Dollars Per Gallon (Forbes)
As oil price rises again, even in the debt of recession, Christophe Steiner takes a long hard look at the why and how of it. It is a calm, even optimistic tone that pervades this article, but there is no smoothing over the fact that everything will change. Your life a couple decades from now will not necessarily be worse, but it will be strikingly different.

I concur. I have quibbles with the details, but the basics are pretty clear. Unless some much greater disaster devastates our civilization, we must and will restructure around energy saving and renewable energy. Wind and solar energy would already be profitable with the oil prices we had a year ago, but the grid (especially in the uSA) is not capable of moving energy from unfamiliar places. It is barely doing its job when everything is where it always has been. And expanding the grid means negotiating with every little farm that lies in the way of a power line, with a decade of litigation.