June 29th, 2009

Shocked, Scared

More adventures in lawnmowing

Since last I mowed, the lawn has become carpeted with clover. No problem there - except they got allies. Running a manual lawnmower across a field covered with clover, bees and bumblebees is an exciting experience.
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Type, Computer

Gigabytes and terabytes

I bought a 16 GB USB memory stick, but my Music folder is now approaching 17 GB, and I still haven't ripped all the Japanese CDs.

My favorite computer shop sent me a mail today announcing a very reasonably priced 1.5TB USB disk. I remember like yesteryear when I bought a 0.5TB USB disk of the same brand. Actually, that WAS yesteryear.

Why in the world would a private household want 1.5TB of storage capacity? Unless they are downloading several episodes of anime each week or something...
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