June 25th, 2009


Sleep is not always healing, it seems

I woke up hurting in several places, probably from trashing around in my sleep. In one of my last dreams before waking up there actually was some event that explained the pain, but I forgot the details almost as soon as I woke up and realized that it was just an ad hoc invention to protect my sleep.

Of course, we do the same thing in our "waking" life as well, fabricate various reasons for our pains so we don't need to wake up even more and realize that we are hurting ourselves. Nice hands-on demonstration there.

Streaming music

I have been trying to set up a music server under Opera Unite. It looked promising the first couple days, but since then the server on the Windows machine has only worked for an hour or less after restarting Opera. The old Linux machine is evidently not strong enough to pull it at all. The new Linux machine is only up while I am at the office, and has only a small subset of my music, but it actually runs quite fine. I am not sure if that is because it runs Linux or because it uses wireless broadband or because it is directly online without a router. It could even be the time of day.

Then there is the matter of converting all the WMA, M4A and OGG files to MP3. Oh, and what's worse, converting the MP3 files to MP3, because some of them don't play in the streamer but once I convert them to FLAC and then back to MP3, they work just fine. What's up with that? In any case, I think I am starting to get the hang on Sound Converter (another free Linux goodie).

I suppose there are other ways to share your music library with your friends, but I can't think of any that don't require them to download anything or register somewhere, but just point any common browser to an url and play around. Actually, the only other alternative I know of is Winamp remote, which I ALSO have, and which does handle a variety of formats, but if others than myself can use it to listen, I don't know how.

Anyway, men at work!