June 16th, 2009

Type, Computer

Opera users: Unite!

Opera Unite is out. From here on, every web user with Opera browser and a more or less permanent connection can make his computer into a web server. For free. So easy that even (or especially) the mildly computer challenged can do it. Because everyone is interested in your 45000 baby pictures.

Check it out. The web will never be the same again.
Type, Computer

The fog is coming to the Internet

So, we thought cloud computer would be the future. But instead we have local computers crunching away on the SETI project, protein folding, and streaming music from local harddisks. In other words, the cloud is where we are. In other words, it is not just a cloud, it is a fog. The fog is coming to the Internet, and it will never leave. September never ends.
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