June 9th, 2009



When I came to the city today, I suddenly fell ill. Short of breath, dry cough, queasy, shivering, my heart hammering as if I were running even when I was just standing. I am also feeling kind of fuzzy, not thinking and sensing clearly.

It certainly feels like something has suddenly and intensely triggered my immune system, but I have no idea what. The Mexican flu is still not come here, and the ordinary flu is usually not spreading in summer. I suppose it could be a bacterial infection.

To see doctor or not to see doctor, that's the question. It seems to me that invariable seeing a doctor just causes them to decide that I am healthier than normal healthy people. I guess I shall wait to see how my temperature goes. It is still in the normal range right now, a bit high for me for this time of the day (37.6 C, about one degree above normal morning temperature for me, but perfectly normal for many people).

I got better!

Well, I did. I have no idea what it was that made me suddenly ill though.

I want an epic lifespan! And even after that, I want the text "REZ PLZ!" on my tombstone.

Life is awesome, by and large. But I told you that already.