May 23rd, 2009


Age of Conan 1 year

Today is the 1 year celebration for Age of Conan, in the game. Well, at least here in Europe.

The game has been upgraded with a good deal of content over this year. It was, like any MMORPG, released somewhat unfinished. (This is why we refer to the first year of a MMORPG as "paid beta".)

It is still the most computer-hungry MMORPG out there, although the specs are now within range of brand new casual gamer machines.

Also, it is still filled with lots and lots of evil. Sorcery, necromancy, demon summoning, even breasts.

Despite the initial loss of customers, the game generates positive cash flow, and new (or perhaps old) players trickle in. Probably because people buy new computers for unrelated reasons, say I. Even if you don't like the game, it really shows off the frontiers of modern computer gaming.