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Porcupine Days
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Friday, April 24th, 2009

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Packrats, pigsty and Depeche Mode
Each workday I throw away something from my home, not counting the usual empty yogurt boxes and banana peel that normally go in the trash. I have named this effort the Pigsty Project, with the humble hope that my home won't look like a pigsty when I depart this world. Gifted with a double heaping of packrat genes, I know that would happen unless I make an effort to counter them. It is just a matter of time.

Today, the CD "Music for the masses" by Depeche Mode goes in the trash. I vaguely remember buying this after hearing a good song by Depeche Mode, but there was no such thing on this CD. Years have passed, but I never heard a good song by them again. I wonder which it was I heard.

It is kind of strange throwing away things I paid that much for, once upon a time. But unlike books and even comics, CDs cannot be given away in this era. Those who want music for free have already downloaded it from the Internet. Music, it would seem, has gone the way of the loaves and fishes, multiplied beyond necessity.

Current Mood: nostalgic

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