April 19th, 2009

Newbie, CoH

Online games

For a couple years, I'd say, this will happen at random times, but most common at work. I sit minding my own business, then suddenly I am in Dark Age of Camelot, the MMORPG. It is almost always in Hibernia, the Celtic 1/3 of the game. (Even though I probably played more in Albion.) It only lasts for 1 second, perhaps 2 in extreme cases. Just a still picture, really. But while it lasts, the immersion is virtually complete. This may be perfectly normal for neurotypicals, but I cannot recall a picture as more than a hazy sketch, not even the faces of my parents. So it is kind of creepy.

I had the same, only much more frequently and for several seconds, when I was in the closed beta of City of Heroes. The difference is that this time it showed up a year or more after I stopped playing the game.

Speaking of CoH, Mission Architect has been up since Easter. You can make your own missions or play other people's missions. The content of the game is several times what it was before, and probably dwarfing even the oldest MMORPGs in sheer quantity. Of course, most of it is dreck, but there is a pretty good rating system and the developers also sift through putting their seal of approval on the content they wish they had thought of themselves. So worth a look. I have a lot of other things on my plate lately, what with the brainwave entrainment stuff, so I don't get to play much. But I like it.