April 16th, 2009

Type, Computer

Connected to ICE (NMT) in Ubuntu (Xubuntu)

This may sound like a small thing, but it is a nightmare actually, or at least a duskmare. ICE - Nordisk Mobiltelefon - use a special modem that authenticates through firmware or some such, using a common password and userid for all. This was probably supposed to make things easier, but it confuses Linux. I managed to get in by running the REVCHG on the USB disk that comes with the modem, then using the new semi-automated Mobile Broadband option in the connect icon (in 8.10 - I don't remember it in old versions). Even then I was asked for the password, and had to type it really fast to get connected. This took me several tries.

But now it runs. Laptop Linuxified! Sweet freedom from worms, viruses, and all the other security risks that Vista was supposed to free us from.