April 15th, 2009


"Cancer vaccine works; stocks soar"

Dendreon cancer vaccine works; stock soars (Reuters)

The vaccine is against prostate cancer, so old men like me would take notice even if it was not found in the business section. Yeah, I can see stocks soar, even if it only works against a very limited subset of the cancer family. I can also see hopes soar, as there will no doubt be a lot of attempts to do the same with other cancers. Unfortunately, it usually takes many years before you start testing till a treatment is approved, so it is little help for those already diagnosed. (Although my mother fought with recurring cancer for 20+ years, so you never know.)

Anyway, the title amused me, and it can be nothing but good news as far as I can see.
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Another reason to hate spam mail

Spam tramples environment with huge carbon footprint (New Scientist)

With unsolicited mail now making up all but a small minority of the world's mail traffic, the costs start to become visible.

Of course, this totally pales into utter insignificance compared to the carbon footprint of illegal torrent traffic, but the article says nothing about that. I am sure someone else will think of it eventually. Stop the torrent downloads, for the sake of our children! But until then, spam it is.