March 19th, 2009

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IDC: Downturn to drive Linux adoption (ZDNET)
The article is about the mid-to-large business segment, but money is likely to be tight everywhere. I just recently discovered that the economy desktop PCs from Norwegian direct seller Multicom now comes default without operating system, and some other models has this as option. Also Komplett, one of their two major competitors, has started to sell computers without OS. This is a quite new development.

So, are you going to save on the software next time you buy, or just hold on to your old computer till the panic ends?
For that matter, seen any new Linux boxes at work lately? (None here, unfortunately.)
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I woke up after three and a half hour because my feet were itching. I won't complain though. Collapse )

That was a bit over half an hour ago. I think I shall try to get some more sleep now, and hopefully find time for a short HoloSync session in the morning.