March 18th, 2009


Sock allergy, or something

Over the last week or two, I think, I have had this crazy itch on my feet. Typically starts at one or the other ankle, spreads around and eventually covers every part except the soles of the feet. The itch is insane, but showering the feet for a good while helps. By now, the area is covered with tiny red spot and a few larger cracks. I notice that it seems to roughly cover the same area as my socks. I should probably get another brand of socks. I've bought these for a decade or two, but they may have changed something in them, or I may have changed somehow. Or it could be a coincidence, perhaps. Hard to say until I try something else.


I went to the dentist about six hours ago and replaced the temporary tooth with a hopefully permanent one. The dentist glued it on, in addition to the needle that goes up in the ceramic tooth and down into the root. I was mildly surprised that it hurt (the temporary tooth had stopped hurting long ago). It still does, although I feel less than in the beginning. Or I may just be getting used to it. I am not really worried about the pain, but if I get an infection, I will be worried. Infections these days kill people, like before penicillin was discovered. A big no-thanks to all the people using antibiotics against viruses or "just in case", thus dooming mankind to go a century back in time. Meh.

Anyway, it hurts, and so does my wallet.