March 2nd, 2009


Still pickled

My nose has improved from spraying garden hose to dripping faucet, but I will probably stay home from work tomorrow too. While I do have my own room, we are not quite that isolated. Besides, I still have the almost-fever and general wobbliness that tells me I am still full of viruses.

Was home sick today. And this is the best part of the year to work too, lots of files to merge. Meh.

Strangely though, the last year I used only a fraction as much sick days as I did a decade ago, when I supposedly was younger and healthier. Life is weird.
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Have you ever seen change in someone's life?

I got the demo CD for Centerpointe's HoloSync. After a long sales pitch (while brain-quieting sounds play softly in the background, dampening the critical mind) there is a long line of recorded testimonials from satisfied users. Intriguingly, a few of them claim that their families and coworkers have noticed the positive changes in their lives. In fact, one of them told us that a family member was ordering the package. (Which may seem a bit strange when you already have it in the house, but the price also includes telephone support and personal follow-up through mail.)

Anyway, I am not unfamiliar with testimony. It was a huge part of the meetings in the Christian Church. And I knew people there who had changed, radically at that, presumably through the Power of the LORD. Changed they certainly were.

But there are all kinds of self-help stuff circulating, from diets and exercise programs to meditation and yoga, tantra and shamanism. Given the brisk sales of these many different approaches, I would expect myself to walk the world surrounded by demigods and heroes. But the opposite mostly seems to be the case. One can only rejoice when someone washes their hands after heavy-duty toilet use. Happiness, gratitude, compassion, healthy lifestyle changes and creativity that is not directed at swindlig people... more common than hen's teeth, but not by much. Perhaps I am just a misanthropologist.

So dear reader, have YOU seen anyone (except yourself! anyone else) actually changed by any kind of transformative practice, whether physical or spiritual? Anything from diets to synagogues. (Not life phases like college, marriage, parenthood etc.) You don't need to give names, I shall not interview them - I will take your word for it.
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