February 27th, 2009


Health whine

Today I was in doubt whether I should go to work. After work yesterday I had been on the verge of growing a fever - my temperature was elevated by about a degree Celsius but then gradually fell back during the evening, and the weird waves of unrealness gradually stopped as well. My throat was still sore though. During the night I woke up a few times because my bronchies were getting some goo in them, this made my breath sound a bit like "last breath", rather creepy, so I woke up and coughed deeply and it stopped, then I slept again. Not a long or good night's sleep though.

Luckily today did not have the same weirdness as yesterday, or at least not much. No waves of non-being washing over me, no forgetting the things when I moved my eyes. I coughed though, and still do from time to time. Throat is still sore, perhaps from the coughing, at least to some degree. And the hard coughing makes my head hurt. It may be sinuses, since it hurts when I bend over too. Luckily that is not part of my job.

I am not sure whining about it will make it better, but impossible it is not: Asthma patients who whined in their journal experienced measurable improvement in one study I read around ten years ago. Now, this is not asthma, but at least it is breathing related, so who knows.