February 26th, 2009


Strobelight day

I'm a bit sick and a bit tired today. Not drastically in either case, I think, since I got throug the workday well enough. But somehow the combination caused some malfunction to my sensory short-term memory, the part part that causes the illusion than the world exists when we are not looking at it. So whenever I closed my eyes, the visible world just ceased to exist. I mean, it always does, but normally a representation of it remains in the brain so you could still point to an object five seconds after you closed your eyes. More exciting was the fact that when I looked in one direction, the things in the other direction faded away. Since our eyes keep moving around, this caused a weird tunnel vision / strobelight effect. Quite charming. I THINK this is because of being slightly sick and sleeping too little (waking up to cough), although I cannot rule out that it could be a side effect of the brainwave hacking of the last few days. I doubt it is that effective though!

Luckily my cognitive capabilities remained at human level for the duration of the workday.