February 20th, 2009

Type, Computer

Today: Brainmouse attacks!

Yes, I tried the neural activator thingie. I ended up with a light headache and imprints on my forehead. Lesson 1: Looser headband.

The signal was random with huge amplitudes and I could not control anything in any way. Then I remembered what a couple reviews had said, that you must touch the black box if there is electric equipment in the room. Which there is, unless you have your computers in another room and looks at a projector image or something. Keeping a hand on the box was kind of tiring, so I took off my trousers and placed the box on my thigh. This made the box very happy and I had no more problem with radio noise. Lesson 2: Electronics need skinship too.

I am starting to get the hang on the muscle tension variable, after calibrating and adjusting the sensitivity and smoothness. I can reliably use it to click, and am starting to play Pong better than a newborn baby. The glance control confounds me, though. When I look to the right of the computer a bit, the audio signal verifies that verily, I have glanced to the right. But when I look back to the screen, the computer triumphantly informs me that I have now glanced to the left. Uh, yes: Humans do not have rotating eyes. Lesson 3: "Rolling your eyes" is a figure of speech.

There are nifty graphs following your facial muscle tension, glancing activity, and various frequencies of Alpha and Beta waves. For a future project, I should try this together with the brain wave entrainment stuff from the other day. As it is, the alpha and beta waves seem to do their own thing entirely independent of what I think or even when not thinking at all. Lesson 4: The brain waves as the brain wills.