February 18th, 2009


Not EVERYTHING in my life has been a mistake

For instance, when I was young I once visited my parents' home; they had a cassette tape with some unfamiliar songs on -- sold for some benevolent campaign, I believe -- and among them was one I found spectacularly beautiful. It was a simple heartwarming song, childish really, but the melody was hauntingly beautiful to me. It was called "skopusser samba" (shoeshine samba) and may well have been my first encounter with the concept of samba. In any case, I realized that I would most likely never encounter it again by chance, so I committed the melody to memory to the best of my ability. And there it still is, so that I can sing it to myself in the middle of the night.

As I predicted, the song has faded to obscurity. Google found two references to it, both in Norway's national library, simple catalog entries. That's it.

You who are young today do not face such situations. Every song you hear is surely committed to the collective memory of the noosphere. Even the most trivial details of your lives and your times are archived and indexed. Born into an age where knowledge covers the earth like water covers the bottom of the sea, you don't really need individual memories except to maintain your identity. (Your schools are not yet aware of this, I suspect, though this may already be changing.)

"The lazy man's way to meditate"

So says the promotional page for Holosync by Centerpointe. This amused me greatly. Meditation is already extremely simple and effortless, more so than virtually anything you can engage in, possibly excluding sleep. Why don't most of us do it for hours and hours each day? Because it takes time, and nothing exciting happens (usually), and we don't get paid for it (most of us). But if it is hard work, then "ur doin it wrong" as the cats say. (Cats are living exemplars of meditation. No wonder humans have worshiped them for so long they take it for granted.)

Anyway, the site is for people who not only are gullible but like to mess with their brains. I may just take them up on it.
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Words of wisdom, not from me

"Two positions exist on the net for anything you care to name: absolute adoration or absolute hate. Nobody ever says “It was all right, a bit niggly sometimes, and you should watch out for that bit, but otherwise, I think it was fine.” On the internet, everybody has to be fervent."
Isabel Joely Black

Current politics

Drawing politicians as monkeys or apes is not problematic. Bush Jr was depicted that way regularly - it was more or less the gold standard for Bush caricatures.

Drawing politicians as shot dead is problematic.

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