February 16th, 2009



I survived today's dentist visit, but then again he did very little except take X-ray photos. Evidently there is no other problem than the broken tooth, but that is quite a problem. Will require killing the root and replacing it with a spike, again. I got an appointment for the 25th for the first phase of this. He initially proposed putting a temporary plastic cap over the broken tooth, but I reminded him that every time he has done that before, the cap had irritated the gums and caused a painful infection. Hopefully the acid won't eat through to the root in 9 days. I don't mind being ugly for the duration: I am not paid for being beautiful, nor is my reproductive success a concern.
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In this case, not a genetically engineered little mammal but a Neural Impulse Actuator. I ordered one today, finally. This may seem strange since it is a Windows-only device, but my logic is simple enough: In these times of pruning, I buy the kind of stuff I want to survive. After all, that's how it survives. Nor is this the first time I do so: I bought e-books for years before the Kindle made them palatable to the public. (Can't say I regret it much either, after the Botched Move forced me to get rid of most of my paper books to fit into a small apartment.) So perhaps the NIA will help me with my chronic wrist problems, perhaps not. It should be interesting anyway, and it seems like something I'd like to see more of in the future. Speech recognition has taken its sweet time to become useful too. But I just can't accept that mouse and keyboard will be the only ways your grandchildren will communicate with their spaceships and robot catgirls.
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