February 5th, 2009


Just broke a tooth

It was filled almost entirely with dark silvery metal (amalgam?) and some black stuff which may also have been metal. This is from my mid to late twenties, when I finally went to the dentist after years of not even thinking about it. Many of my teeth were largely filled with metal at that time. We don't use that stuff anymore. Anyway, I already have a half-yearly appointment in 11 days, so I guess I'll just ignore it till then. I am pretty sure the tooth must have been dead for years (possibly excepting the root) for there is no pain and nothing that looks organic in its now exposed core. Only a sharp edge remains, to tease my tongue.

According to the Freudian psychology we learned when I was young, dreaming of losing a tooth symbolizes fear of castration or impotence or some such. Perhaps breaking one for real means I will dream about castration? You'll be the first to know.
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More toothless computer adventures

I went to Expert, the nearest chain that sells the HP IQ computers. Things looked well until the voice in my head pointed out that they might have a TV tuner in them. They are large enough to double as a TV after all. Turns out they did have that. This is a problem.

I don't have a TV. I would not have time to watch one even if it was not evil. But that is not the problem - I could just never switch on the TV part. The problem is, if you own a TV tuner in Norway, you have to pay a substantial yearly fee to the Norwegian National Broadcasting, a wholly state-owned enterprise. It does not matter that you don't watch their channels - or any channels at all - as long as you have a TV, you are their customer. I don't like them, I don't want to support them, and I don't want a big yearly expense. So bye bye pretty computer of my dreams.

Since I had some minutes to spare now, I went over to the Mac shop. After all, I thought to myself, many of my friends are gay; it is no big deal if my computer is too. I mainly dislike Apple because they deliver poor value for money and have an overbearing, patronizing operating system. But the same applies to Microsoft now with Vista, and Vista does not run my favorite online game reliably. City of Heroes runs on Mac now, and so will Sims 3.

The Apple tax is noticeable, but marginal for a Norwegian. It does not push any of the models out of the acceptable price range. The iMac has the same practical design as the HP IQ, with the components behind a large, crisp display. Which means that if either the monitor or the computer goes poof, they both go poof. Still, it is a very living-room friendly design. Unfortunately, there is not touch screen, which would have been great for playing Sims 2 and eventually 3.

Incidentally, the beautiful Apple store made me feel distinctly and remarkably ugly and out of place. In most of Kristiansand, I blend in quite well, but not there.
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Now installing...

City of Heroes under WINE on the Xubuntu block on the tri-core. I've been told that you need Cedega and it's just not worth trying etc, but then some guy said he had done it with plain WINE, albeit a cutting edge version. The updater is certainly working flawlessly once I right-clicked and chose "Open with WINE". It is likely to take some hours before it is all downloaded though. More disturbingly, I have no idea where it is saved. Default location is C:/Program files/City of Heroes, but I doubt there is such a place in the Linux block, and if it had found the corresponding location in the Windows block, it would not had needed to download it all from the start. (I use "block" instead of "paritition" here because this installation does not have a real partition, just a block of the file system graciously ceded by Windows.)

Wait, Wine is evidently maintaining a fake C: (and Z:) station to misdirect Windows programs. Perhaps I should open the user manual or something. No, that is just wrong. We shall see how it proceeds. It would make my heart laugh in my chest if I could get CoH to run under Linux without the repeated crashes that plague both of my Vista machines. Though I would lose my excuse for buying yet another expensive computer.