January 30th, 2009

At work, Self portrait

The pendulum swings

Vitamin D Deficiency (About.com)
While not a scientific document, this article sums up much of the latest buzz: Vitamin D, and particularly the type synthesized by sunshine, is the latest panacea. It protects against both heart infarct and cancer, the two big bad wolves at most people's door, and keep you healthier for longer.

I remember like last year, how bad it was to get sunshine on your skin. Only vain, vain, stupid people would risk cancer and even worse, wrinkles, by doing that. (That was at the time when everyone and their little sister was tanned all over, of course, because it had recently been healthy again.)

So, be sure to get some sun while it is healthy! I am not sure how long before it is dangerous again, but it could easily be as little as a year or two. So don't tarry too long in the shadows.