January 16th, 2009


This mindset is what will make the USA a third-rate country.

"The Truth Shall Make You Rich: The New Road Map to Radical Prosperity by Farrah Gray
The bestselling author of Reallionaire challenges common misconceptions about success and lays out the road map to a richer life. Raised in the impoverished south side of Chicago, Farrah Gray defied the odds and became a millionaire by age fourteen. He was the youngest person to have an office on Wall Street, and the youngest to receive an honorary doctorate. Now, at 24, he is an inspiration to millions and the bestselling author of Reallionaire, which has sold over 80,000 copies. In The Truth Shall Make You Rich, Gray shares the secret to his success: an emphatic rejection of the seven fallacies most people believe about money and success: the Born Lucky Lie, the Celebrity Lie, the Money Lie, the Debt Lie, the Google and Gates Lie, the Wall Street Lie, and the Work-Hard Lie. By revealing the truth behind the myths, Gray empowers readers to blaze their own paths and make their own millions."

I would not be surprised if every American is a millionaire in a few years. But of course by then a cheeseburger may cost a million as well.

Spoiler for Real Life:
Money is not a magic you can channel from the formless Void. It is a unit of measurement, much like inches and calories. It measures the value of things. Unless you contribute something valuable, you don't deserve money. If you get it anyway, it is either a gift from someone who deserved it, or you're stealing it.

In the case of authors like this one, they are performing the valuable service of separating a fool and his gold. Think of them as the scavengers of the economy. Kind of like vultures. Or perhaps blowflies, putting the eggs of crazy thoughts in the cadavers of a dead and decaying intellect, hastening its decomposition.
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Another one

Got Ubuntu to work on the tri-core. I had not got the sound to work, which is a veto on a home machine. But today I fired it up anyway, and found that the sound had just somehow been turned all the way down. It's Amarok time! Woo! Also, it works better with the WinXP network than does Vista. O_O
Also, after a couple misses, it found a codec that let me play .mkv files. And it takes screenshots! Now I can get screenshot from anime that is not .avi! This is good. (Although I still prefer Zoomplayer when I can.)