January 13th, 2009


Amarok does not update collection - solved

I took with me my new CD from Japan (Musuhi no Toki by Haruka Tomatsu), put it in the Ubuntu laptop and ran the common file ripper. It put the files in the music folder, with a folder for the artist name and a subfolder for the CD name. So far, so good. I did not see it in Amarok's collection, though. I opened it from the file by right clicking in the file name and choosing Amarok. It played beautifully, but Amarok insisted it was not in my collection. I redefined and rescanned my collection numerous times in various ways, even going so far as to log into KDE to do it (usually I run Amarok from the much more lightweight and faster XFCE desktop). Nothing helped. I moved the folders around, nothing. Eventually I came up with the idea of changing the file extension from .oga (ogg audio) to .ogg, which was the file extension on files ripped by the previous version of the ripper. These days, .ogg is supposed to be movie files while music files are called .oga. Well, evidently Amarok 1.4 is only partially up to date on this: It knows enough to play .oga files if I tell it to, but not enough to include them in the database. After I changed the file names, the whole folder structure is correctly added to the collection.

This is likely to be of help to someone with the same problem, if they are able to find it.