January 3rd, 2009



I slept for 3 hours from 22 to 01, then was up till 7 and slept another 7 hours. I love sleeping through what would be work hours. Even at work I really wish I could do that.

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Eating responsibly

To be honest, I don't feel this is something young people should give much thought to. When you are young, there are more pressing problem closer to home. First among them, for most healthy people, is finding a mate and raising your offspring. Youth is a more animalistic phase of life: Although our brains were quite active, there was little room for using them to organize our lives. But as we grow up all over again, the circle that concerns us grows wider, and we become aware of how our choices influence society and the whole planet.

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Is video gaming recession-proof?

Play On (The Economist).
This article tentatively concludes that lifestyle computer gaming is, in fact, recession-proof, as it is central to the identity of the gamers. Casual gaming, on the other hand, is not: Spur-of-the-moment purchases like Nintendogs are fading along with other impulsive hobby purchases.

If nothing else, you will read this article because it says Electronic Arts has failed strategically and is being punished by the market.