December 21st, 2008

Type, Computer

AbiWord sucks if you are the 1000th man

I am sure for 999 out of 1000 people it is perfectly reasonable to poll the machine to find out what language you are using, and then spell check accordingly. If you use a Norwegian version of Windows, for instance, and with the Norwegian keyboard layout, surely you are attempting to write in Norwegian, no matter what it looks like.

Unfortunately, I am (again) the 1000th man. And the program goes out of its way to be idiotproof. Mark all text and set language to English? The next word I write, in the middle of the text, is spellchecked in Norwegian. "Make default for dokument" US English? Norwegian! People, if I wanted the computer to assume I was an idiot, I would buy from Apple. People who have the IQ to google for a free text processor and then not download a trojan, these people also know what language they want to write in.
(Actually, I googled for "abiword". I knew it from Xubuntu. But then again only 1 in 1000 people use Xubuntu, and there are good reasons for that.)

For dogs and software companies, there is such a thing as "too friendly".

(SOLVED: I edited D:\Programfiler\AbiSuite2\templates\normal.awt-nb_NO, replacing the string after "lang:" with "en-US". Because I am the 1000th man*. I hate to imagine what the 1000,000th man has to go through, but I am sure he is blogging about it somewhere.)

(*1000th man in a totally non-Kipling sense, in case the erudite reader wondered. I wasn't even aware of the poem until the voice in my head alerted me that I had used a saturated idiom.)