December 3rd, 2008

Newbie, CoH

(CoH) My apologies

I sincerely apologize for yesterday's attempt to make y'all play the game on Expansion Launch Day. Most of you being wiser than me in the man-made worlds, you presumably stood this chance up. In my defense, I had played on the test server only a day before, and never has the game seemed to me better than then. Yet, as Murphy might have told me, once it went live, things went downhill fast.
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My consumerism excess of the day

I bought an electric foot bath / massage. Us elderly get all kinds of foot problems, right? So it was a bit excessive perhaps, but it felt OK at the time. The last couple days, I have been limping because my left foot seriously felt like there was a splinter in it, although observation and logic said that it was probably hard dead skin that was splintering, cracking and causing the pain. A quarter of an hour in lukewarm bubbling water certainly made me feel better. This would be the ideal gift to your elderly relatives, I'd say, for those who can afford it. Actually, your elderly relatives should just buy it themselves, the misers. But they may not be aware of it.