November 29th, 2008


"You may eat the Devil himself..."

When I was a boy, back on the farm, one of our animals caught ill and we called for the verterinary. Unfortunately he could only conclude that the poor beast be put out of her misery. So the unavoidable question came up for a literally poor farm household: Might the meat be edible? That's when the veterinary gave us the words of wisdom that have stayed with me for somewhere like 40 years since:
"You may eat the Devil himself, if only you cook and fry him enough."

I haven't gone quite that far, but today I cooked and thoroughly fried a generous portion of pickled cabbage. (Surkål, for my Norwegian reader.) Admittedly I added a bit of rice noodles, raisins and even a little oil-preserved sundried tomatoes. But mostly pickled cabbage. Note to self: Less cabbage, more noodles if we try this again.

But at least I cooked and fried it thoroughly.
At work, Self portrait

Infrequently asked question n of (n++)

If perverse fantasies make us more perverse, do holy fantasies make us more holy?

Or in non-religious terms: Is it the content of our imaginary worlds that influences us, or the very process of spending time in imaginary worlds in the first place?

Or yet another angle: Are there good otaku and bad otaku, or is it always bad to be an otaku?

In this time, when "real life" seems to be fighting a losing battle against human imagination, I think that's a pretty good question. "Inner space - the final frontier!"